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If you are interested in learning how to play absolutely any song on the piano by ear in virtually minutes, then please keep your eyes glued to this as I have some wonderful tips to share with you...

Believe me... I would not recommend you to any service or product that I don't believe in (and I'm no easy person to convince). However, I have come across a website that has built such an easy system for students to learn how to play the piano. Don't get me wrong, there is more than courses for sale at this site --- there are over 60 free piano lessons, message boards, resources and more.

"A course that will change your piano playing forever!"

This is what one critic had to say about Jermaine Griggs's "The Secrets to Playing Piano By Ear" 300-pg Course. From what I know, thousands of musicians all over the world have already taken advantage of this course ... and this is why:

- Over 300 pages of solid, "easy-to-understand" principles, techniques and concepts used by musicians all over the world!

- 20 chapters ranging from beginning techniques to major chord progressions, to improvisation, to alterations, to his "4-step process to playing absolutely any song!"

- Included is an interactive CD which includes 3 additional software programs that will allow you to hear over 330 sound examples, train your ear with over 150 exercises, 500 questions, 20 chapter reviews and more!

With step-by-step instruction, you'll learn:

--- How to improvise while playing your favorite songs

--- How to play several hymns in all 12 major keys!

--- The relationship between chords and scales

--- The basic principles of sight reading (bonus material just for the heck of it!)

--- How to recognize various chords in several chord progressions

--- How to alter and invert chords to make them sound full

--- Several Progressions such as "2-5-1" and the "1-4 turn-around" (you'll see these chord changes everywhere!)

--- The Secrets to recognizing chord changes in most songs without even being at the piano

--- How to substitute common progressions in the place of "dull" chords

--- How to recognize erroneous chords in a progression

--- The difference between: triads, seventh, ninth, eleventh, and thirteenth chords

--- Several chord patterns which can be used in most Gospel, Blues & Contemporary Jazz Music (they all share the same chords ... believe me!)

--- How to find the key center of any song or progression (in other words, what key a song or chord progression is being played in)

You think this is it? Think again ... the list goes on ...

Because of my relationship with Jermaine (the author of this course), I have been able to get a price cut for all of my subscribers. Jermaine is willing to offer all of my subscribers the opportunity to take advantage of his 300-pg course, risk-free, for more than half the price of what he is selling it to other customers. That's over 50% off --- if you don't click through the link below, expect to pay over $100 for his course.

Listen, I honestly don't know how long he is going to be willing to offer this unbeatable deal (to tell you the truth, I was so surprised that he would do this that I didn't want to forfeit the deal by adding any additional comments or terms). Anyway, if I were you, I'd take advOnline piano lessons and instruction from God's Gospel & Hearandplay.comantage of this opportunity immediately. Now, I am not rushing you but I am saying that you should at least take a look at his resource site. It has tons of techniques from his course and if you like what you see --- why not try it risk free (there's a lifetime money-back guarantee)?

For more information on "The Secrets to Playing Piano By Ear" 300-pg Course and to discover the secrets to playing the piano by ear, visit:

...and you won't regret it. Good luck and let me know how it works out for you.

- Mel, Webminister of Music




60 Free On-Line Piano Lessons
Online Keyboard lesson

Learn to play the piano with online keyboard lesson and free piano instruction online. Free piano lessons online from basic to advanced.

By clicking on the appropriate link on this page you will find the free online piano lessons site. This excellent educational site is a free public service brought to you by God's Gospel and  HearandPlay Piano. We hope you find it useful.  Your instructor for the course is composer and famed gospel musician, Jermaine Griggs. Each lesson takes about 35 - 45 minutes to complete. However, work slowly and at your own pace. It's important to learn each lesson before moving on to the next.

Piano Lessons - for the beginner's level are hands-on, self-paced, interactive, and totally Free! Piano lessons are for both the beginning piano student and the student who wants to review their skills. Learning to play the piano is great for all ages. In the beginning, you will move rather quickly through our piano lessons. Among the items you will learn while learning to the play are: note identification, rhythm, and playing your very first songs. Our piano lessons will have many sub-parts. free piano lesson, play piano online, piano instruction, home-school music, online piano lessonAfter You complete our piano lessons, please feel free to go back and review as often as you like!

Our piano lessons include Audio instructions. Listen to samples and play along. We will be there with you, guiding you every step of the way. Now you can begin exploring the fascinating world of music!! GREAT NEWS! Our audio instruction uses BOTH Real Player and Windows Media Player. Soon brand new piano instructor, learn to play piano, beginner piano lesson, piano teacher, online piano instruction Piano Lesson material is going to be added. Don't forget to check out our videos and other great software products.

This is what you will find at our 60 free online piano lessons site:

Beginner Piano Lessons
Music Theory Piano Lessons
Piano Chords and Progressions

Major Scales Piano Lessons 1 Major Scales Music Theory The Famous "2-5-1" Chord Progression
Major Scales Piano Lessons 2 Minor Scales / Blues Scale Theory The Minor Ninth Chord -- Piano Lessons
Major Chords Piano Lessons 1 Whole Steps, Half Steps & Intervals The Major Ninth Chord -- Piano Lessons
Major Chords Piano Lessons 2 Major Chords & Minor Chords The "Shouting Chord" -- Gospel Piano
Piano Chord Inversions Gospel Bass Runs -- Gospel Piano Lessons
GospelKeysTM Video Courses Piano Seventh Chords The Minor Eleventh Chord -- Piano Lessons
101: Basics and Fundamentals Blues Piano Chord Progression Altered Chord Example -- Piano Lessons
300: Praise Songs Piano Scales & Piano Chords Playing Scales with Major Seventh Chords
Piano and Keyboard Ear-Training The Thirteenth Chord -- Piano Lessons
Reference Guides and Courses Playing in Every Major Piano Key The Dominant Ninth Chord -- Piano Lessons
The Secrets to Playing Piano by Ear! Common Musician Questions P1 Altered Chord Progression Example 1
Play Piano Plus Software Common Musician Questions P2 The Minor Seventh Chord - Piano Lessons
Sign up for  lessons! Click here "4 Steps to Playing Most Songs" Altered Chord Progression Example 2
"How to Harmonize Melodies" Piano Lesson
 Affiliate Program "2-5-1" Chord Progression Variations
 Become An Affiliate "1-4" Chord Progressions - Piano Lessons
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Fancy Chord Progressions - Piano Lessons


Click here to order a copy of The Secrets to Playing Any Song By Ear! 300-pg piano lesson course.

Our course includes everything you see on the Internet, which also includes all audio and all graphics.

You may also contact us offline:
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Hear & Play Music P.O. Box 91355 Long Beach, CA 90809  
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Our 300-pg piano course comes complete
with audio instruction. You can play
our audio using either Windows
Media Player
or Real Player.

Step One: If your goal is to learn how to play any song by ear, you must first learn how to determine the melody in a song. Once you've mastered this technique, you can move on to the next piano lesson...
Step Two
: After you determine the melody, you must harmonize it! Most people think that this is difficult - BUT this is not hard at all ... because we show you easy steps to harmonizing any melody in our piano lessons!

Step Three & Four: After adding chords to your melody, it is now time to alter certain chords to produce the sound that you want. With certain techniques, this is a very simple piano technique!If you are serious about learning the 4-step process to playing virtually any song by ear on the piano, click here to learn about our 300-pg course "The Secrets To Playing Any Song By Ear!


piano instructor, learn to play piano, beginner piano lesson, piano teacher, online piano instruction

piano instructor, learn to play piano, beginner piano lesson, piano teacher, online piano instruction

By choosing a piano lesson and entering your e-mail address and first name on the following link below, you'll get access to over 60 free piano lessons with tons of illustrations, chord pictures, sheet music, video clips, and more! Sign up today and start learning to play the piano by ear!

To receive 60 free piano lessons, info., tips, updates, techniques and even more,
please click below and enter our site.

60 Free On-Line Piano Lessons
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  • Piano Lessons for Children -  Piano Lessons for Adults -  Piano Lessons for home-schoolers

  • Piano Lessons for people of all ages

  • Piano Lesson for people who just want to review what they learned years ago

  • Our Piano Lessons for those who just want to learn at their own rate

  • Piano Lessons for those who want to learn a little about the piano
    prior to taking piano lessons with an private instructor


  • Piano Lessons for people who already have a piano instructor

  • Piano Lessons for people who do not already have a private piano instructor

  • Piano Lessons for people who want to learn in the privacy of their own home

  • Piano Lessons for those who just want to try it out

  • Our Piano Lessons for those who want to learn basic music theory

  • Our Piano Lessons for those who have a very busy schedule

  • Piano Lessons to increase your knowledge of notes on the keyboard

  • Piano Lessons to increase your knowledge of various rhythmic patterns

  • Piano Lessons come with Audio

  • Piano Lessons to increase your level of musicianship

  • Piano Lessons  to expand your horizons

  • Toe tapping, foot stomping Piano Lessons to make your friends want to clap their hands and sing!

  •  60 Free Piano Lessons!

piano instructor, learn to play piano, beginner piano lesson, piano teacher, online piano instruction

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